Video Wall System

LED Video Wall

AET DH1.56 P1.5 QCOB LED wall


QCOB=Quantum Chips on Board

QCOB Technology: Moisture- Resistance,Anti-dust and Anti-haze Protection,Anti-static and antioxidant Surface,Anti-collision and Anti-vibration,Anti-blue ray and UV Resistance,Ultra-smooth Surface without Graininess, High in Thermal Conductivity with Excellent Heat Dissipation, Easy to Clean with Damped Cloth, Flat Surface Viewing and Ultra-wide Viewing Angle,Wide Color Gamut with Immersive Experience

Element Structure 1R1G1B LED, QCOB 1212

Element spacing (mm) 1.5

Module resolution (W×H) 96×216

Module size (mm) 150(W)×337.5(H)

Unit module composition (W×H) 4×1

Unit resolution (W×H) 384×216

Unit size (mm) 600(W)×337.5(H)×40(D)

Unit area (m2) 0.2025

Unit weight (kg) ≤6.5

Primitive density (points/m2) 409,600

Screen aspect ratio 16:9

Unit flatness (mm) ≤0.1

Maintenance method Pre-maintenance

Protection class ≥IP5X

Material Die-cast aluminum/aluminum-magnesium alloy

Display brightness (cd/) 600-900 nits adjustable

Color temperature (K) 3200—9300 K adjustable

Horizontal viewing angle (°) ≥160

Vertical viewing angle (°) ≥160

Deviation from center to center of luminous point <1%

Brightness uniformity ≥97%

Chromaticity uniformity within ±0.003Cx,Cy

Maximum contrast ratio ≥7000:1

Peak power consumption (W/m2) ≤650

Average power consumption (W/m2) ≤150

Power supply requirements 220VAC±15%

Drive mode Common cathode constant current drive

Frame change frequency (Hz) 30-120

Refresh rate (Hz) ≥3840

Processing depth (bits) 14-16

Grayscale (Level) 16384-262144

Brightness Control Manual/Auto

Typical value of life (h) ≥100,000

Operating/Storage Temperature Range (℃) -10—45/-20—60

Operating/Storage Humidity Range (RH) 10-90%/10-90%



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