PA System

Pre Amplifier

ITC T-2S01 10 input Pre- Amplifier


The T-2S01 pre-amplifier with multiple balanced and unbalanced microphone input options and single channel output.


- Standard cabinet design (1U).

- Each input has level indication.

- Mic 2.3.4 is equipped with priority switch to select its priority level.

- All the 10 inputs with mic, line and high pass filtering selector.

- Reminding signal of bell when opening:

Optional 2-speed bell (built-in).

Automatic priority.

The bell can be controlled with the remote microphone T-319.

- Three output signal modes can be selected (output 1, output 1+2, output 2).

- Two sets of output are equipped with high and bass adjustment function.

- Double channel output has independent level display.

- Independent stereo line output with RCA interface (line 7-10).

- With recording output function.

- It can be used with T-319.

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