PA System

Pre Amplifier

ITC T-6240 8 Channel Pre-Amplifier (Each Input Has Treble and Bass Control)


Standard case design, 2 U aluminum alloy panel; User-friendly handle design, beautiful and practical. 1 group MIC input, with automatic and manual calling switch for options. In the state of automatic mode, MIC channel can adjust the volume and tone, with top priority. In the state of manual mode, each channel can select it by themselves which has the priority override EMC. When 24V DC signal cut in, it will recover automatically to corresponding inputs; 2 groups of EMC have the second priority . When there is an emergency signal , it will switch and broadcast the emergency signal automatically; when the emergency signal stops, it will automatically recover to their corresponding inputs.


- 8 line inputs with independent volume control.

- MIC/line has independent treble and bass volume adjustment.

- 2 EMC input can switch 8 AUX signal.

- MIC input can cut off the EMC input signal.

- 8 unbalanced line/MIC outputs.


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