LCD Lift

LCD Ceiling lift series

YTK UDL-42D 42” Double LED TV Ceiling Mount Lift


-Support 32”-42” Double LED monitor /TV 16:9

-Control: Manual and wireless remote control with central control via RS232/RS485 ports compatible

-Lift function and Panel button: Turn over ON/OFF for hidden features, with Up, Down, stop

Supply features of automated power on/off for LCD/LED TV

-USA damping motor( turn over x2, up/down x1) , is Three Brake device design

-Control qty: one set control or synchronous control 2-100 sets

-Color: white or black

-Ceiling Panel material : wiredrawing aluminum alloy (Aluminum oxidation with drawing polishing surface process to make sure smooth and bright panel)

-Case material : alloy iron (Phenolic plastics , Surface treatment: Bake of high temperature)



-Material: Steel

-Color: Phenolic plastics , Surface treatment: Bake of high temperature

-Lift Motor : Power Supply: 220 V , Power output: 15w , Torque: 4400mN.m

-Pitch angle Motor : Power Supply: 12 V , Power output: 0.17w , Torque: 44mN.m

-Load weight: 120kg

-Weight: 80kg

-Power Supply: 220 V / 50 ~ 60 Hz, 13A plug

-Connector port : DVI/HDMI , RS232/RS485 , RJ45 ,(Optional) USB

-Operation noise : less than or ≤ 20dB

-Wall Mount bracket for 32"-42” Double monitor / TV

 Built-in Wireless control:

  • Control mode : RF wireless control
  • Function: Up, Down, stop


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